CBD Charlottes Web Cannabis Seeds


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CBD Charlottes Web Cannabis Seeds: Experience the soothing power of CBD with these seeds, named after the famous CBD-rich strain. Perfect for relaxation and wellness.

THC content 0.3-1.0% CBD content 10-15%

Characteristics OF CBD Charlottes Web Cannabis Seeds

  • High CBD: CBD Charlottes Web Cannabis Seeds have lots of CBD, which is good for health without making you feel high.
  • Relaxing: They make you feel calm and relaxed, great for reducing stress and anxiety.
  • Easy to Grow: These seeds do well in Canada’s climate, whether you grow them indoors or outdoors.
  • Strong Plants: They’re tough against bugs and diseases, making them good for new and experienced growers.
  • Nice Taste: They have a subtle, earthy flavor with a bit of sweetness, making them enjoyable to consume.
  • Health Benefits: With their high CBD, they might help with pain, inflammation, and sleep problems.


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